Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Creations!

 Havent updated my blog in a few days, figured I'd come do that! This week went by really fast! Not much has really happened, staying positive, keeping myself busy with miss Nova Ann, and trying to decorate the spare bedroom! Tonight, we went over to Blaires moms house, who we love! Their house is always so welcoming! Then we came home cause miss Nova is always asleep by 9 and it was past her bedtime and she was out over there so we figured we needed to get her into bed! UPDATE on her reflux: We have started her on rice cereal, she took two bottles yesterday perfectly fine, then five this morning she threw one up, but ever since then she has been fine and its almost midnight! woo hoo! It does make her a little bit sleepier, but i just want hers feeling better! we are going Tuesday to see the doctor and check her out, we might get her on the medicine for it. I hate feeling like i cant help her! Other than that i have an amazing, happy little baby girl! I told Clay, if it wasn't for acid reflux, man would having a baby be easy! (well, alot easier!) She is just amazing! Today GAnnie came over, and well, lets just say you can see what hers got for a gift :) :
i dont know if you see that GREEN stuff on Gannies hand, but that aint pudding! lol She went to check Novas diaper, and stuck her finger in it! ONLY this lady would laugh it off! lol This LADY!! lol ugh got to love hers!!!!!

LOOK AT THIS LITTLE LADY! who wouldn't want to squeeeeeze her cheeks every day?! She has gotten so big lately, and is so cuddly! ugh i cannot get enough of her! And the picture of her and Clay! MELTS my heart! so precious! She is going to be a daddys girl (at heart:))! lol she is so going to be spoiled rotten!
So we worked alot on the spare bedroom lately! put the dresser in there, worked on it some more, got the curtains and rod, and made some adorable cute signs! im pretty proud! they are our first signs to make, so the next will be even better, but these will definitely be ones to remember! im in love!  here is what we have done so far:
i painted these knobs brown and put so me rinestones on them! This will do, rather than spend 3.50 for each knob! lol

Me and Clay made these signs! woo hoo! cut the board, sautered the wood, painted it, and drew the letters! Live, Laugh, Love! Its better than buying $50 signs each!

Im on this obsessiveness right now with antiques, and i have had this old rocking horse for a very long time! im pretty sure its Samantha's dads or something, but it was at Nannies house, and i somehow ended up with it, and im in love! it fits perfect in the room!

And this is one wall of the room! the head of the bed just has a piece over it, and the wall accross from the windows i have not started! Hope you enjoy it as much as i do! let me know what yall think!
Well, im going to end this blog with lyrics from a song... for some reason the song by Blake Shelton God Gave Me You, keeps playing over and over again in my head, and it has been for a couple days now! I feel like i have been going through some crazy rollercoasters lately, trying extremely hard to stay strong, and this song is just saying something to me! Clay said something to me the other day, when i was really upset about my family, that touched me so much... He always knows what to say. He said "i know your family is far away, and we dont see mine as much as we should, but I really believe this has only made me and you and our family stronger..." and he is completely right. God definitely gave me him. And my sweet Nova Ann. Heres to you clayton paul!:
I’ve been a walking heartache
I’ve made a mess of me
The person that I’ve been lately
Ain’t who I wanna be

But you stay here right beside me
Watch as the storm goes through
And I need you

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I’ve lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you

There’s more here than what were seeing
A divine conspiracy
That you, an angel lovely
Could somehow fall for me
You’ll always be love’s great martyr
Ill be the flattered fool
and I need you

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I’ve lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you

On my own I’m only
Half of what I could be
I can’t do without you
We are stitched together
And what love has tethered
I pray we never undo

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I’ve lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it’s true
God gave me you, gave me you
Gave me you

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ready for a new start

So im not sure how to even start this blog tonight...

 I have had some ups and downs all weekend, and I want to vent but not sure how to. My mom, brother and Rusty came down thrursday night, had a good start, but it didn't end quite like it should have. Im not going to go into details in any way, but it has definitely opened my eyes alot.... As much as I love my mom, as much as i would love every minute of her being right here beside me, to be my best friend, to watch Nova grow up, every single day,  and see every single change she has in store for us, I think its time i quit wanting... It hurts so bad to even to say i know i need to quit, but its time. I cant force anyone to do anything, and I have completely realized i have my own little family to focus on. I feel like i have made myself hurt for so long over so much, that i have to stop and realize what is infront of me. I have this amazing husband who would climb the highest mountain for me and Nova, and i have this amazing little lady that looks up to me. Its time i put all my focus on them two. As bad as it hurts, i'll never fully understand why i cant have my family here to watch her grow up, like i have always pictured it... I always saw her running to the door to them! Jumping in their arms! Not wanting to come home to me because she had so much fun their!I honestly would have never thought my life would be where it is today a year ago. It breaks my heart that i cant run down the road and just sit on the couch with mom/dad...or watch Zanic grow up this year in the 6th grade...or see Devin be Devin.. lol have my sister back. or have her come over every single day like my Gannie has... God, i honestly dont know what i would do without her. If i didn't  have my Gannie to see every single day, I honestly dont know who i would have besides Clay. Im not trying to write a pity story, just venting.. you have no idea how good it feels... Im ready to stop worrying about what everyone else is going to miss out on, what everyone else feels, and see's and thinks... and feel it is completely time to focus on my little perfect family. Its not my fault they aren't here, and i can finally see that... its their choice. This is not meant to bash my parents, not at all. Ill always love them, they are who gave me life. Its just extremely hard for me to accept that they dont see Nova everyday... and Im finally done begging. It breaks my heart to even write this, cause i know how much i bugged mom about moving here... just praying one day they would walk in and say "We are here to stay!!" lol I think I really just hurt for Nova... I always thought my parents would be the parents that came and got my kids and did the crazy things with them, or took them every other saturday like Gannie did us! lol But things change... alot. And im ready to accept it.... as hard as it will be, Im ready.

I need to put all my focus on these two amazing people! GOSH I LOOOOOOOVE THEM! Nova got a new bow from the little chic boutique in Ennis that is AMAZING! lol im in love wit everything! i need to stop spending so much in that store! lol And Daddy watched her tonight, and that was how she looked when i left before work! lol She was soooo tired she wouldn't even smile! And that must mean she is very tired! And the last picture, well the little toot puts her fingers in her mouth all the time, slobbers like crazy, and will bite your finger off if she could! so im guessing were teething?! lol yikes! Hers is 15 weeks today! that is insane! 15 weeks ago we were holding our precious little ladY! now she is huge, and laughs and coo's! ugh! i cannot get enough of her! Even when i dont hold her, im always in her face! haha! she is my pride and joy! And did i mention i have an AMAZING husband who is the best daddy ever?!!!! He really is! i love how he gives her a bath, and always has her so perfectly put to sleep when i get home! ugh im honestly so blessed, and its really time i start realizing that! You spend so much time wanting and wanting, when honestly you have what you need right beside you...
We went to church on Sunday, and im so glad! We haven't been in a really long time, and it was the perfect time for me! i think we are going to start going every sunday again, and hopefully with Blaire, BC and Mas, its so much fun! I think its so cute that we have such a perfect little family! and one more coming! Robin went too, which was so nice cause she got to see the two little ones! Mason loves Nova! He is giving kisses now, and will open his mouth and kiss her! PRECIOUS! I am dying to know what this little bean is! Hopefully we find out either at the end of this month, or beginning of September! yay!!!
Well, im going to go take a HOT bath! Until next time!!!
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17, 2011

 I just got off work, long night! Tonight, Nina and Bryan wanted to watch Nova so Clay took her over there and she got to watch her for a little bit! i hope she was good for them! Clay went and shot skeet with BC and Josh, im really glad he got to go out and do something, poor guy is always working! We have been trying still to figure out Nova's acid reflux, i just feel so bad for her when she throws up! Its so bad! She threw up yesterday and i ended up calling a friends mom who is a doctor and asked her what we should do and her opinion was that we were feeding her too much! yikes! so now we are feeding her 5 ounces every 4 hours, when before we were feeding her 5 ounces every 3 hours... she said to feed her 4 ounces every 4 hours because a baby can only digest an ounce an hour, but the poor thing acted like she was starving! lol hopefully this extra hour of waiting will help her little tummy! it hurts me to see her hurting! ugh! But man she is one happy baby! She seems to always be smiling! We got pretty lucky to have such a happy baby, even if her tummy is hurting her!
Like look at this face?! She is always smiling, always happy! UGh i want to squeeeze her!
Today was Clays moms birthday! Happy birthday Robin! So i dressed Nova up in the outfits Robin got her before she was born! they are little cowgirl outifts! lol She only fits in one right now, but check this out!::
Hers says "HAppy birthday Gigi!" lol We need to do some professional pictures soon! This face is too dang cute! lol im so freakin in love!!!!!!!
Tomorrow night, my MOM COMES! finally! lol I have to clean all day tomorrow, then go to work, sleep a little and then they will be here! super excited! I actualy dont know how i would act if they lived here! lol i would freak! lol i always so excited when they come here, to imagine them living here would be like winning a million bucks! lol Im very excited to see them finally, even if its not for too long.. now if i can get dad down here too!
So here is the pretty much final finish of my dresser! Im hoping it will look alot better once i finish the room! The room still needs curtains, more decorations and more color! i love decorating! and ic ant wait to get items to put on the dresser! The dresser is just missing some knobs, which i think i will go with some dark brown ones to match the bed! what do you think?!?!?!

its growing on me! its really not hard to do at all! just very time consuming! lol hopefully it will look even better once the room is done! it will grow on me! lol i hope! haha! well, i guess i will cut this one short! Im very tired from work and i have to get up early enough to clean! fun stuff! hope all is well!
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello! hope everyone had a great weekend! Im glad mine went by so fast, cause this next weekend my mother comes! woo hoo! i get so excited and then so upset haha cause that just means she will be leaving sunday! boo...:( She is going to be amazed at how big my Nova bug is! She is growing so much its insane! After yesterdays post, i cant help but feel thankful and blessed and feel i need to start cherishing every moment i have with my baby girl. You honestly never know! I am beyond blessed to have Nova and Clay in my life! BEYOND! Nobody's life is perfect, nobody knows when things can go bad, so I am going to start cherishing and squeezing all the love i can out of both of them! lol
Speaking of Nova, here is hers laying on her mat for "tummy time" with daddy:

as you can see, she is just laying there! lol hers is just now acting like she likes being on her tummy! I dont know what it is, but the minute you lay her down on her tummy, its crying and screaming! And she does this loud yelp, such a girlie thing! lol Daddy said she did really well with him tonight, since he watched her while i worked. He is such a good daddy! He got him his own diaper bag, which is a camo backpack with pink lining around it! He loves it! He wants to get Novas name on it as well! Such a proud daddy! Pretty lucky to have him! Here is miss thang in her bumbo which she does soooooo good in! she can hold her head so well:

She just chills! lol it cracks me up when she is in it cause she hits that middle piece! lol like its a drum! looka t this picture of her in it! it was her very first time in it! look how tiny hers was!!!!

She was sooooo tiny! Now her little legs come out of the ends! :( she needs to stop growing so fast! We are calling the doctor in the morning and asking her what she recommends formula wise for Nova. i think this similac is just too harsh on her.. she is always throwing up or clenching her tummy.. hopefully she can tell us something that will help her! I think hers had a virus on saturday.. breaks my heart to see her sickie, considering she is always a happy baby! I mean just look at this face!

She is such a blessing! ugh i want to squeeze her now, but she is sleeping! She started sleeping from 9 to 5 the past week or so! If its not till five, its usually at least until 3:45 or 4! its nice! then she wakes up, eats and goes right back to sleep till about 9! i dont know if we had another one, that it would be this great! lol i should knock on wood! LOL
On my way home from work tonight, i was flipping through the stations and turned it to 97.1, and a song was on that reminded me of my dad. Back in the day, my dad had his band, and at our old house, he would have band practice and would sing all these great songs! I grew up listening to 97.1 the eagle! lol I heard a song that i could hear him singing! it was so weird and bitter sweet... I  miss those days. When life was a little bit easier, some things weren't so complicated, life wasn't near as different or near what i ever would have thought it would be. I could hear him singing and me just sitting there watching him... he has such an amazing voice, and is sooo dang talented at writing songs.

He has a whole book full of songs he has written over the many years! I wish i had that ability, to write songs about my feelings! Man, if i did, i definitely wouldn't need to blog! lol I really wish he was closer. I was always a daddys girl. I knew if i ever got in trouble, telling dad would always be the hardest! lol Mom, you could tell her and she would be mad, but she was "mom." She was definitely the "soft" one! hahahaha! Im extremely blessed to have both of my parents, but i would be even more "blessed" to have them near to see nova grow up more...
well its late, and i definitely need some sleep! Clayton is passed out next to me and nova has been passed out for a while now! Night Night!!!!!
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sad day...

Today seems to be such a sad day... I have been following Baby Jase for a while now, he is a 3 and a half month old baby boy who was diagnosed with canavans disease, a terrible disease that will eventually deteriate the white matter in the brain. This sweet baby boy has been fighting for his life since day one, and i have been following the parents posts, how they got to bring him home one day, and the next they were back into the hospital.. And today he passed away. I absolutely cannot imagine what these parents are going through. I think it hit me so hard because Nova is 3 months, and the fact that she laughs now, coo's and talks, i cannot imagine what they are going through...When i heard this, i wrapped Nova in my arms and just held her and cried. Honestly, i cannot put  myself in their position. I can only ask God and pray we are never put in that position, and i know i have no control over it. Its hard to even imagine it, and now having one of my own my heart hurts sooo bad for this family. I know he is in a much better place, not suffering or hurting, but i know this family is in terrible pain. I hurt not knowing the pain they feel.. It definitely makes me want to never let go of Nova. I wish i could hold her forever, never ever let her go, just to know she is safe and secure.. but its all in Gods hands. It makes you realize how precious little babies are, especially your own. I cannot put myself in anyones position who has lost a child, but i do know now the love you have for them. There was no world before Nova. She started our book we are making, and I pray God lets us keep the journey going. I cried all day thinking about this family, and how bad i wish i could help them. My prayers are definitely with this family. God gained a precious baby angel tonight...
 I also found out today a Dallas fireman passed away while fighting in the line of duty.. He was a veteran, and was married with two children. Every third day Clay goes to the fire station. To think he may not come home one day from that 24 hour shift, makes me want to hide him in a box. I cant lose my family. He absolutely loves what he does, and i know he is as safe as he can be when fighting the fires, or going on a medic call, but you dont really think about losing him until reality sets in that a veteran fireman has lost his life fighting a fire. Its the worst feeling in the world to even think about. Fireman, to me, have one of the hardest jobs in the world. As do the fire wives. I know the ROFD is such a big family, if anything were to ever happen to any of the men, we would all be right there to help! I know this fire fighter that has passed away today, is being thought about, prayed for, and loved. I pray for his family, his wife, his two children.. I cannot imagine what yall are going through and pray i do not ever get put in the position to have to know. my heart aches for this family and the dallas fire department tonight.. God gained a great fireman tonight...
Today is just such a sad day.. i can't put myself in either one of these families positions, but i know there are plenty of prayers being sent to both families! It has definitely opened my eyes! I will be waking up each day very thankful for another day, very thankful to get to see my precious angel smiling and laughing, and thankful for my amazing husband. I hurt for both of these families, and pray God helps heal all! Prayers for baby Jase and the Fireman tonight, God gained two amazing people today!!!
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Undecided Firefighter Wife

HELLO!! hope everyone has had a blessed weekend! This weekend went by kinda fast! Friday we went out to eat with the Curry Family! Which we looooove to do! Cannot wait till we add the third little Curry to our table! Mason was facinated by Nova! lol He kept looking over at her, and he is into this pointing thing, and he just points at her! lol Then he even gave her lovin! UGH! they are going to be a mess growing up together! And im so glad it worked out that way! It sounds like all of our little ones will be close! Im not saying we will try again anytime soon, but for some reason, either B is pregnant, or i am! haha! I love our little family! VERY blessed to have them!

So I think little Nova may have had a virus.. :( She wasn't eating right yesterday, and i kept telling Gannie something is wrong if this child isn't eating right! lol And then around 5 that afternoon she projectile vomited (ew i know)! I just thought it was her acid reflux, but then after dinner she still seemed funny.. well at about 4:30 this morning at her feeding, she did it again.. and she has not done this since she was born! And it just didn't seem right to think it was her acid reflux starting over again! she has been doing so good lately! So i called her doctor and they said it is probably a virus, since she had poo'd so much last night and this morning, she had a low-grade fever, and throwing up! Poor thing, I promise my daughter is one of the happiest babies, but not when hers is sick! i wanted to cry myself! She slept most of the day, ate here and there, and gannie went and got her some pedialite (honestly dont know what i would do without her. I think that helped so much! She is 100% better! She ate 4 ounces around 8:30 and is now sound asleep! Hoping it was just a 24 hour virus! I dont want to do that again! but i know that was just the beginning of her getting sick as she gets older! poorrr BABY! :( We made it though! its been a long day!!!

This was her around 8 tonight, we went for a little walk! hers was feeling so much better! Hers says WOO HOO MOM! lol love my sweet child!
 im always ready for some of the weekends to go by, just because some of the days its just me and Nova, Clay is working... boo. lol I must say being a firefighters wife can be hard!!! He is always gone, every third day no matter if its rain or shine! It kinda sucks..:( BUT he loves what he does! I am so glad he loves it! He gets to wake up every third day and go and fight fire (well sometimes), help people, and enjoy what he does! I cannot imagine what that is like! haha! Since i was in high school i thought i always wanted to be in the health field.. even my first two years of college i had that mind set, then when i came home to go to college i of course changed my major, and that was just the beginning of the changes! lol Lets see, i went from Nursing, to court reporting, teaching, coaching, being a principal, business major, just general studies major, dental assisting, dental hygenist, Human Resource management degree,and after graduating with an associates at Navarro, i had a mindset to go and get my BBA with a minor in management at TAMU.. well of course i still cant make up my mind.. ugh! lol i know! im 23, with a 3 month old and im married..i should have it all figured out by now! BUT I DONT! I think my thing is, is in my mind, i can be anything i want to be! And whatever i choose, it has to be sometihng that i wiill be doing for the rest of my life! YIKES! lol But that shouldn't be a problem if i love it right?! ugh! And every time i think about it, my heart is in the medical field..  i know it is.. But i dont like the hours of an RN/LVN.. but i love helping people! im destin to be hands on, helping with someone all the time! But what?! So i have decided to take the semester off to finally figure it out.. this whole time i have just been going to school, and just going for no apparent reason... i always thought if i stop ill never go back.. but its my money im wasting ya know? So this whole semester i am going to find what i am destin to be! Im going to test the waters at some places to see if i can shadow, google ALOT of stuff, and ill definitely keep you updated! By december, this girl will start spring with something to accomplish! I PROMISE! Its time to figure this out and stop going back and forth! i want to love what i do! But i want to be able to support my family as well! We shall see where this takes us!!!!!
Well i am over my vent lol hope everyone is enjoying these blogs! It probably sounds dumb, but these are helping me in so many ways! Excited about this week coming up! I should be done with my dresser and ready to put it in the spare bedroom, and finish decorating it as well! ill be posting pictures! Then mom comes thursday night! wooooo hooooo! I love when they come, but hate it at the same time, just cause when she comes i know she has to leave eventually... :( I pray pray pray they will come to us soon permanently! She is going to be amazed at how big Nova is! Hopefully Dad will get to come down too soon! He didn't get to spend enough time with us last time! Im going to put all of them in closets and never let them out! lol Its killing me! K im off to bed! sweeeeeeeeeet dreams!
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nova is 3 Months!!

This blog is all about my sweet nova turning 3 months today! UGH!!!! why does it have to go by so fast?! i cannot explain to any single person how much i love this little lady! I honestly didn't know i could give this  much love to someone! Well, besides clayton! lol When we found out we were pregnant, we were so dang excited and at the same time so scared! You really dont know what to expect! I remember reading books, getting the prego app, asking a thousand questions, trying to be as prepared as i can be for her, but honestly, there is no preparing. Besides buying all the expensive must haves for her! there is no knowing how to be a mommy until she is here! And then, it just happens!

The day we went into the hospital to have her, I had no way of preparing myself for the pain, patients, or thoughts that were going to happen that whole night! You try hard to imagine it, pray it goes well, but knowing 1) both of my parents are driving down and will not be here until 2 in the morning since they live so far away, its pretty scary and honestly you want your mom and dad! 2) its our first, so there is no knowing! Thank God it went smooth enough for me! I only had to have the cervidil, which helped me have some pretty ugly contractions for about 2 hours, which caused her heart rate to go high, pretty high! and then the doctor came in and said we were doing a c-section since her heartrate was up! I was on so much drugs though, i just said ok! next thing i remember i have  my epi in, and im laying there on the surgery table! i even asked the doctor when they were going to start, and he said maam we are almost half way done! lol it was amazing! i would like to try with the next one to  have it vaginally, but if i had to do a c-section i wouldn't mind! recovery was not fun, but wasn't terrible! She was born at 2:36 am on May 10th, 2011... the best day of our lives!

I can honestly say she is such a happy baby, always smiling, eats, poops and sleeps amazing and keeps us busy already! She is definitely Gods little angel for us! I became a mommy the day she was born... i had some help with mom but she was only here for a week, and i feel like i became a mommy extra fast! lol I know we asked for it, but it is definitely something that you have to be ready for! Im so glad we got blessed to have this little lady.. my life is forever changed! She is my best friend, she will always be mommies shopping buddy, and always have daddy wrapped around her tiny fingers! Nova Ann Curry, happy 3 months precious! Mommy and Daddy love you soooooo much!!!!!!! Your such an amazing blessing to us!
night sunshine!
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