Saturday, August 13, 2011

Undecided Firefighter Wife

HELLO!! hope everyone has had a blessed weekend! This weekend went by kinda fast! Friday we went out to eat with the Curry Family! Which we looooove to do! Cannot wait till we add the third little Curry to our table! Mason was facinated by Nova! lol He kept looking over at her, and he is into this pointing thing, and he just points at her! lol Then he even gave her lovin! UGH! they are going to be a mess growing up together! And im so glad it worked out that way! It sounds like all of our little ones will be close! Im not saying we will try again anytime soon, but for some reason, either B is pregnant, or i am! haha! I love our little family! VERY blessed to have them!

So I think little Nova may have had a virus.. :( She wasn't eating right yesterday, and i kept telling Gannie something is wrong if this child isn't eating right! lol And then around 5 that afternoon she projectile vomited (ew i know)! I just thought it was her acid reflux, but then after dinner she still seemed funny.. well at about 4:30 this morning at her feeding, she did it again.. and she has not done this since she was born! And it just didn't seem right to think it was her acid reflux starting over again! she has been doing so good lately! So i called her doctor and they said it is probably a virus, since she had poo'd so much last night and this morning, she had a low-grade fever, and throwing up! Poor thing, I promise my daughter is one of the happiest babies, but not when hers is sick! i wanted to cry myself! She slept most of the day, ate here and there, and gannie went and got her some pedialite (honestly dont know what i would do without her. I think that helped so much! She is 100% better! She ate 4 ounces around 8:30 and is now sound asleep! Hoping it was just a 24 hour virus! I dont want to do that again! but i know that was just the beginning of her getting sick as she gets older! poorrr BABY! :( We made it though! its been a long day!!!

This was her around 8 tonight, we went for a little walk! hers was feeling so much better! Hers says WOO HOO MOM! lol love my sweet child!
 im always ready for some of the weekends to go by, just because some of the days its just me and Nova, Clay is working... boo. lol I must say being a firefighters wife can be hard!!! He is always gone, every third day no matter if its rain or shine! It kinda sucks..:( BUT he loves what he does! I am so glad he loves it! He gets to wake up every third day and go and fight fire (well sometimes), help people, and enjoy what he does! I cannot imagine what that is like! haha! Since i was in high school i thought i always wanted to be in the health field.. even my first two years of college i had that mind set, then when i came home to go to college i of course changed my major, and that was just the beginning of the changes! lol Lets see, i went from Nursing, to court reporting, teaching, coaching, being a principal, business major, just general studies major, dental assisting, dental hygenist, Human Resource management degree,and after graduating with an associates at Navarro, i had a mindset to go and get my BBA with a minor in management at TAMU.. well of course i still cant make up my mind.. ugh! lol i know! im 23, with a 3 month old and im married..i should have it all figured out by now! BUT I DONT! I think my thing is, is in my mind, i can be anything i want to be! And whatever i choose, it has to be sometihng that i wiill be doing for the rest of my life! YIKES! lol But that shouldn't be a problem if i love it right?! ugh! And every time i think about it, my heart is in the medical field..  i know it is.. But i dont like the hours of an RN/LVN.. but i love helping people! im destin to be hands on, helping with someone all the time! But what?! So i have decided to take the semester off to finally figure it out.. this whole time i have just been going to school, and just going for no apparent reason... i always thought if i stop ill never go back.. but its my money im wasting ya know? So this whole semester i am going to find what i am destin to be! Im going to test the waters at some places to see if i can shadow, google ALOT of stuff, and ill definitely keep you updated! By december, this girl will start spring with something to accomplish! I PROMISE! Its time to figure this out and stop going back and forth! i want to love what i do! But i want to be able to support my family as well! We shall see where this takes us!!!!!
Well i am over my vent lol hope everyone is enjoying these blogs! It probably sounds dumb, but these are helping me in so many ways! Excited about this week coming up! I should be done with my dresser and ready to put it in the spare bedroom, and finish decorating it as well! ill be posting pictures! Then mom comes thursday night! wooooo hooooo! I love when they come, but hate it at the same time, just cause when she comes i know she has to leave eventually... :( I pray pray pray they will come to us soon permanently! She is going to be amazed at how big Nova is! Hopefully Dad will get to come down too soon! He didn't get to spend enough time with us last time! Im going to put all of them in closets and never let them out! lol Its killing me! K im off to bed! sweeeeeeeeeet dreams!
love KBCurry Homes

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