Saturday, August 6, 2011

just another saturday!

So its the beginnning of August and I am so ready for a change in my career path, or maybe im just ready to be done with school so i can have a big girl job! lol I hope to start at TAMU on the 28th of this month, hopefully everything comes through, because i have never not been in school and would prob freak! lol I think im just ready to be done with school cause of having Nova and feeling like its time to grow up. I feel like i cant support her, and im not sure im a type to be a STHM... i give major kuddos to those that do! I feel like sometimes, not because of Nova, I am in a big square, cause there is no windows in our living room, and i cant get out. lol Im too scared to get nova out in this terrible hot weather, so we stay here all the time. I think its time to start looking for that big girl job, and day cares! ew.... lol that scares me to even say!
I dont know that i could ever leave this little girl though! She has acid reflux, and lately its been pretty bad. but the doctor said she doesn't want to put her on the meds because she is growing and healthy, and the meds can have bad side effects. She said she will outgrow it, hopefully thats sooner than later. I hate to see her choke... and that is another reason why i am so scared to put her in daycare. Im scared they wont knnow what to do when she chokes...:(  I know they should know what to do, but there is always the what ifs in the back of my mind...:(

So here are some of my maternity pictures by Brittanie Simon! She has pretty  much captured me and clay from the beginning of our engagment to our wedding and now to our little creation! she has done a great job and we cannot wait to have her do our family pictures this fall! so excited! Me and clay talked about having another baby, well one day, and right now we are going to just wait and see what the future holds! I think im going to get the "implinon" in my arm, which lasts three years. I dont know if we will wait three years, but until the time comes, lol id rather be safe than sorry! Nova was pretty hard to figure out in the beginning, espp with not having my mom here to help me everyday. I became a mommy really fast, which we asked for, but man was it hard! your never really prepared to be a mommy.. but now it is amazing! she laughs, coo's, smiles (all the time unless poopy or hungry) and talks so much! She loves her Gannie and seeing her everyday too!
Speaking of Gannie, this lady has came to my house every single day since Nova was born. She has uplifted me, and given me so much hope for the future! I honestly dont know what i would do without her! If it weren't for her, i honestly dont know how i would make it everyday. Not having my family here, it kills me.. some days are harder than others. To me, its just not normal to not be right down the road from your family. That is how i grew up.. i understand i am a big girl, and have my family now, but i dont want them to walk in one day and see that Nova doesn't know them like they would like her to..I want Nova to know her "honey" and "poppie" and uncle Dee and zanic.. I get extremely jealous seeing other girls talk about being with their mom.. so yes i dont know what i would do without my "gannie." Nova loves her to death! she Smiles and laughs at her all the time! She is an amazing little lady! Im very thankful to have her in my life!!!
Well im off for the day! Nova just woke up from her little nap! Till next time!
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