Thursday, August 4, 2011

My First Blog!

Hi!!! My name is Kourtney Curry, I married my highschool sweetheart Clayton Paul, on July 24th of 2010, and we had our sweet little Nova Ann on May 10th of this year! I have created a blog because I am currently a STAM with Nova and have gone through some major changes this past year, and have so much to vent and talk about and facebook just aint good enough! haha! I hope you enjoy everything i say, vent about, post pictures of and give advice about! So to start out, Ill bring you up to my life now:

Me and Clay just celebrated our 1 year anniversary on July 24th! We have been dating since May 25th of 2003, 8 years!!! It has been an amazing journey, and am proud to say I am such a lucky lady! We had the best wedding party ever, and our wedding day was one to remember! We danced the whole night!!!! One year down, 70 more to go!

We had our sweet precious Nova Ann on May 10th 2011, a day after clay's birthday! We have had our girl name picked out since we were in high school lol!!! Nova is from my dads middle name backwards, Avon. And Ann is after my moms middle name. Nova Ann Curry. She is truely a blessing to our lives, makes us smile every second, and I cannot wait to watch her grow! she is already got daddy wrapped around her little fingers!! Hers is 12 weeks now!!

We have had a "hell" of a year! From getting married, to finnding out we were pregnant, to my parents divorce,  to Clay becoming full time at Red Oak Fire Department, to buying our first home and having a house fire! To finding out we were having a little girl, to me graduating with an associates (finally) and having our sweet Nova, and finally celebrating our 8 year anniversary with our 1 year wedding anniversary! its been crazy! I have learned from everything that it all happens for a reason! God doesn't put too much on your plate, esp not something you cant handle! It definitely felt like at sometimes I coudn't handle it, but we have managed! Hopefully this next year will settle down some! lol 

 My family is currently in mississippi and Tennessee. My seester is almost 20 and my brother is 11 and started 6th graade today! holy cow! I wish they were closer so i could be close to them and watch them grow up! Its hard to be close to them when they are almost 500 miles away... esp with my sister! One day we will be close again i hope! My parents divorce was one of the hardest things i have ever dealt with.. Its hard to even vent about it. Its wierd to think a year ago our lives were completely different. I know they both know I am here for both of them as much as i can be! I pray everyday my whole family moves back, so they can see Nova grow up, so I can just have them here. Not having your family especially when having a baby is extremely hard.. i give kuddos to those that deal with it! lol I'll just keep begging until they are all back in Texas!!!!

Well i think i have summed up just about our life over the past few years! hopefully you enjoy this blog, the posts, the pictures, the advice and the extreme venting! lol Leave comments if you would like! I love to hear from ya! ill be posting just about everyday!!! See ya soon!!!
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