Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello! hope everyone had a great weekend! Im glad mine went by so fast, cause this next weekend my mother comes! woo hoo! i get so excited and then so upset haha cause that just means she will be leaving sunday! boo...:( She is going to be amazed at how big my Nova bug is! She is growing so much its insane! After yesterdays post, i cant help but feel thankful and blessed and feel i need to start cherishing every moment i have with my baby girl. You honestly never know! I am beyond blessed to have Nova and Clay in my life! BEYOND! Nobody's life is perfect, nobody knows when things can go bad, so I am going to start cherishing and squeezing all the love i can out of both of them! lol
Speaking of Nova, here is hers laying on her mat for "tummy time" with daddy:

as you can see, she is just laying there! lol hers is just now acting like she likes being on her tummy! I dont know what it is, but the minute you lay her down on her tummy, its crying and screaming! And she does this loud yelp, such a girlie thing! lol Daddy said she did really well with him tonight, since he watched her while i worked. He is such a good daddy! He got him his own diaper bag, which is a camo backpack with pink lining around it! He loves it! He wants to get Novas name on it as well! Such a proud daddy! Pretty lucky to have him! Here is miss thang in her bumbo which she does soooooo good in! she can hold her head so well:

She just chills! lol it cracks me up when she is in it cause she hits that middle piece! lol like its a drum! looka t this picture of her in it! it was her very first time in it! look how tiny hers was!!!!

She was sooooo tiny! Now her little legs come out of the ends! :( she needs to stop growing so fast! We are calling the doctor in the morning and asking her what she recommends formula wise for Nova. i think this similac is just too harsh on her.. she is always throwing up or clenching her tummy.. hopefully she can tell us something that will help her! I think hers had a virus on saturday.. breaks my heart to see her sickie, considering she is always a happy baby! I mean just look at this face!

She is such a blessing! ugh i want to squeeze her now, but she is sleeping! She started sleeping from 9 to 5 the past week or so! If its not till five, its usually at least until 3:45 or 4! its nice! then she wakes up, eats and goes right back to sleep till about 9! i dont know if we had another one, that it would be this great! lol i should knock on wood! LOL
On my way home from work tonight, i was flipping through the stations and turned it to 97.1, and a song was on that reminded me of my dad. Back in the day, my dad had his band, and at our old house, he would have band practice and would sing all these great songs! I grew up listening to 97.1 the eagle! lol I heard a song that i could hear him singing! it was so weird and bitter sweet... I  miss those days. When life was a little bit easier, some things weren't so complicated, life wasn't near as different or near what i ever would have thought it would be. I could hear him singing and me just sitting there watching him... he has such an amazing voice, and is sooo dang talented at writing songs.

He has a whole book full of songs he has written over the many years! I wish i had that ability, to write songs about my feelings! Man, if i did, i definitely wouldn't need to blog! lol I really wish he was closer. I was always a daddys girl. I knew if i ever got in trouble, telling dad would always be the hardest! lol Mom, you could tell her and she would be mad, but she was "mom." She was definitely the "soft" one! hahahaha! Im extremely blessed to have both of my parents, but i would be even more "blessed" to have them near to see nova grow up more...
well its late, and i definitely need some sleep! Clayton is passed out next to me and nova has been passed out for a while now! Night Night!!!!!
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