Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17, 2011

 I just got off work, long night! Tonight, Nina and Bryan wanted to watch Nova so Clay took her over there and she got to watch her for a little bit! i hope she was good for them! Clay went and shot skeet with BC and Josh, im really glad he got to go out and do something, poor guy is always working! We have been trying still to figure out Nova's acid reflux, i just feel so bad for her when she throws up! Its so bad! She threw up yesterday and i ended up calling a friends mom who is a doctor and asked her what we should do and her opinion was that we were feeding her too much! yikes! so now we are feeding her 5 ounces every 4 hours, when before we were feeding her 5 ounces every 3 hours... she said to feed her 4 ounces every 4 hours because a baby can only digest an ounce an hour, but the poor thing acted like she was starving! lol hopefully this extra hour of waiting will help her little tummy! it hurts me to see her hurting! ugh! But man she is one happy baby! She seems to always be smiling! We got pretty lucky to have such a happy baby, even if her tummy is hurting her!
Like look at this face?! She is always smiling, always happy! UGh i want to squeeeze her!
Today was Clays moms birthday! Happy birthday Robin! So i dressed Nova up in the outfits Robin got her before she was born! they are little cowgirl outifts! lol She only fits in one right now, but check this out!::
Hers says "HAppy birthday Gigi!" lol We need to do some professional pictures soon! This face is too dang cute! lol im so freakin in love!!!!!!!
Tomorrow night, my MOM COMES! finally! lol I have to clean all day tomorrow, then go to work, sleep a little and then they will be here! super excited! I actualy dont know how i would act if they lived here! lol i would freak! lol i always so excited when they come here, to imagine them living here would be like winning a million bucks! lol Im very excited to see them finally, even if its not for too long.. now if i can get dad down here too!
So here is the pretty much final finish of my dresser! Im hoping it will look alot better once i finish the room! The room still needs curtains, more decorations and more color! i love decorating! and ic ant wait to get items to put on the dresser! The dresser is just missing some knobs, which i think i will go with some dark brown ones to match the bed! what do you think?!?!?!

its growing on me! its really not hard to do at all! just very time consuming! lol hopefully it will look even better once the room is done! it will grow on me! lol i hope! haha! well, i guess i will cut this one short! Im very tired from work and i have to get up early enough to clean! fun stuff! hope all is well!
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