Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daddy's and Daughters

HELLO!! I only titled that Daddy's and Daughters because BC just told Clay about a song called that by Kevin Fowler, and it was soooo cute! You should hear it! I dont know if i like kevin Fowler singing it, it kinda sounds weird, but the words are great! Definitely a good song for Clay and Nova!! Hers looves her Daddy!
So i just got done with my Zumba class! i started instructing on July 19th at Lonestar fitness! I love it! Except tonight, i didn't know the hook up for my ipod wouldn't charge my ipod and play at the same time, and when i got there my ipod was DEAD! compltely DEAD! When it came on, it was so dead i had to let it charge and couldn't play a single song! i felt very unprepared and embarrased! Thank the lord above that two of the ladies had some back up music we used while we waited for it to charge! We only got to do about 40 minutes of work out, but it was hot in there and i did some good songs that made you sweat! I know some people dont like it, but I love it! If your not sweating, your not working out!!!!!! Hopefully i get a set class that i can be more prepared! lol i swear it will not happen! I got certified to teach it last August, then the next week i found out i was PREGNANT! haha! Good stuff! so im just now getting back into it! but I do  love it!
I dont know if its just me being at home more, or if im just trying to start making something and maybe starting to sale some stuff if i find myself talented enough lol but im fasinated by antiques lately! I bought a few items from Madi Kay Designs, who is very talented!! She made this piece for us which im in love with:

Isnt it gorgeous?! The red birds are our good luck charms! My nanny always loved them, so everytime i see them i think of her, and she was sooo inspiring and happy! She always had so much hope for me and clay! She would looove to see Nova if she were here! K i got off track, lol Anywho, I also bought this piece from her as well:

Im in love! But i thought i would give it a try and antique it myself! I know clay's grandmother can really do it, so i am going to have her help me with my first, but i pray i dont mess it up! haha! i would hate to! its going to go perfect in our spare bedroom! im very excited to start on it! Hopefully i can be as good as Madi Kay Designs! haha! But in the mean time, ill just keep buying her amazing pieces! lol I will def be posting an after picture! well, if it turns out okay!

So here is the latest on my little BF Nova Ann! hers will be 3 months tomorrow! i cannot believe she is already 3 months! It seems like yesterday we just found out we were pregnant,  and here is this precious child God gave us! Im absolutely in love with her! She completely makes my day 100% better! I think she is teething too! She has been drooling for a while now, and started putting her hands in her mouth and now if you happen to stick a finger in there, lets just say if she had some teeth it would hurt! She is not a newborn anymore:( which makes me verrrrry sad!!!!! BUTTTTTTT i know when i even want a baby fix i can rub my sister in laws belly because they are pregnant with #2!!!!!! Im so freakin excited i could SCREAM! They wanted their little ones closer together, which i actually thought about, but am rethinking lol i dont know that i could handle two! But i know if anyone can its Blaire and BC! they are amazing parents! AMAZING! Mason Reed is beyond amazing and i cannot wait to be a proud auntie kaykee again to this new bean growing! I cant wait to find out what we are having either! lol

They sure can make a pretty blue-eyed baby boy! I can only imagine how gorgeous this next one will be! Im very excited for them! love them soooooo much!!!!!! can you tell im a proud Auntie?!?!?! Well im off to shower! Tomorrow we have lunch with Auntie Sammie, then maybe a work out! hopefully! lol Im counting down the days till i get to see some of my family again! 9 days until my mom comes! yay! not sure when dad is coming again, but i pray its soon! one day, I know i will have all of them here! i just know it! until then! NGHT!!!!!!
love always,
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