Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nova is 3 Months!!

This blog is all about my sweet nova turning 3 months today! UGH!!!! why does it have to go by so fast?! i cannot explain to any single person how much i love this little lady! I honestly didn't know i could give this  much love to someone! Well, besides clayton! lol When we found out we were pregnant, we were so dang excited and at the same time so scared! You really dont know what to expect! I remember reading books, getting the prego app, asking a thousand questions, trying to be as prepared as i can be for her, but honestly, there is no preparing. Besides buying all the expensive must haves for her! there is no knowing how to be a mommy until she is here! And then, it just happens!

The day we went into the hospital to have her, I had no way of preparing myself for the pain, patients, or thoughts that were going to happen that whole night! You try hard to imagine it, pray it goes well, but knowing 1) both of my parents are driving down and will not be here until 2 in the morning since they live so far away, its pretty scary and honestly you want your mom and dad! 2) its our first, so there is no knowing! Thank God it went smooth enough for me! I only had to have the cervidil, which helped me have some pretty ugly contractions for about 2 hours, which caused her heart rate to go high, pretty high! and then the doctor came in and said we were doing a c-section since her heartrate was up! I was on so much drugs though, i just said ok! next thing i remember i have  my epi in, and im laying there on the surgery table! i even asked the doctor when they were going to start, and he said maam we are almost half way done! lol it was amazing! i would like to try with the next one to  have it vaginally, but if i had to do a c-section i wouldn't mind! recovery was not fun, but wasn't terrible! She was born at 2:36 am on May 10th, 2011... the best day of our lives!

I can honestly say she is such a happy baby, always smiling, eats, poops and sleeps amazing and keeps us busy already! She is definitely Gods little angel for us! I became a mommy the day she was born... i had some help with mom but she was only here for a week, and i feel like i became a mommy extra fast! lol I know we asked for it, but it is definitely something that you have to be ready for! Im so glad we got blessed to have this little lady.. my life is forever changed! She is my best friend, she will always be mommies shopping buddy, and always have daddy wrapped around her tiny fingers! Nova Ann Curry, happy 3 months precious! Mommy and Daddy love you soooooo much!!!!!!! Your such an amazing blessing to us!
night sunshine!
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